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Médecins Sans Frontières has been running projects to treat migrants in Mexico since 2011, focusing on providing a humanitarian response to the situation of violence suffered by Central Americans on the migrant route. Deployed along the route in the south and the centre of the country, MSF’s teams conducted 11,323 regular and mental health consultations in 2013. Among them, 1,389 migrants were treated for trauma and 837 attended individual psychological sessions.

The humanitarian organisation runs a clinic and delivers psychological care in Ixtepec, one of the most important points on the first stage of the migration route. There are also MSF mental health teams to the north, in Tierra Blanca and Huehuetoca. Mobile clinics, mainly operating in Lechería and Bojay, are another key tool to assist the migrant population, who often have no time to waste and are in a hurry to keep going, whatever it takes.