Large population movements in the 21st century and their protagonists: refugees, displaced people and migrants.

Agus Morales | Anna Surinyach | Quim Zudaire
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It is one of the biggest mass movements of people in recent decades. War has already forced more than three million Syrians from their country. In the coming months, many more are likely to leave. But all this human suffering has not silenced the sound of gunfire, nor has it awakened Europe’s compassion.


Internally displaced persons

Massacres, towns destroyed by war and attacks on hospitals. At the end of 2013, a conflict erupted in South Sudan and forced over 1.7 million people from their homes. The youngest country on earth is enduring a terrible humanitarian crisis.

#Crossing Mexico


This is the largest migration corridor in the world. Around 300,000 Central Americans enter into Mexico every year, most of them with the aim of reaching the US. Many will find the same thing they are fleeing from: violence.